Protect Your Home

Termites can cause many problems for your home. Our company protects your home by treating these pests before they cause critical damage.

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Critter Removal

Some of them are cute, but none of them are welcome as uninvited guests in your home.  We can help you safely remove a furry friend, call us.

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What Pests?

We respect your privacy and can use unmarked vehicles! Your neighbors don’t need to know there is a problem, and when we leave, there won’t be.

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Are They Bugging You?

There are different types of ant problems that can occur. Magnus Pest Management technicians are able to identify and eliminate any type of ant problem.

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Animal Control

Unwanted animals can cause many problems for your home. Our company handles your animal removal safely. Magnus Pest Management takes care of unwanted rodents, wild animals, and birds to provide you with a safer environment.

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Insect Control

Bugs are an annoyance and can be dangerous to your home. We handle your insect treatment safely. We take care of unwanted ants, spiders, roaches, termites, and many other critters.  Get your home back to the safe & clean place you like it to be!

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Termite Control

Termites create over 1 billion dollars of damage a year. They not only feed on wood structure of your home, but also books, magazines, furniture, mulch, and any other product that contains cellulose.

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Treatment Plans

All plans begins with our initial pest control treatment. This detailed first service begins with a complete inside and outside service of your home which includes the attic and garage and all plumbing penetrations.

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Monday - Friday

9:00am - 5:00pm


9:00am - noon

Our Location

Who We Are

Magnus Pest Management is a family owned company.  OIF (Operation Iraqi Freedom) Veteran Owned. Our technicians are state registered and certified. All technicians are drug free and background checked. We have a very small turnover rate, which means you will see the same face at each visit.

Our Service Guarantee

We take our job serious and want you to be a happy and satisifed customer. That is why we offer you this promise. While being treated on one of our yearly pest programs if you ever see more than the occasional insect we will come out and retreat your home for free, period. No questions asked. In fact, if we can not resolve your problem after three re-treatments then we will reimburse you the expense of your last service. How is that for guarantees? That is how confident we are.

If between your regular scheduled treatments you feel that you need additional service, need the inside treated, or if you are not satisfied, please call us and we will return to service your home or business free of charge. We will do everything we can to solve your pest or termite problem, no matter how big or small.