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Termites create over 1 billion dollars of damage a year. They not only feed on wood structure of your home, but also books, magazines, furniture, mulch, and any other product that contains cellulose. The worker termites have a white torpedo-shaped body. The swarmers have a black torpedo-shaped body. Swarmers are an indication that termites are present, but not nessecarily an indication that damage has occurred. Magnus Pest Management uses two methods in treating termites;

Conventional Liquid Treatment

Magnus Pest Management uses the top termiticide on the market, Termidor. It is injected in the soil every 8-12 inches around the perimeter of the home. This is used to eliminate the colony. It has a residual effect of 7 years. This treatment has a great performance record for total colony elimination.

Advance Termite Baiting System

Bait stations are placed every 10-12 inches around the perimeter of the home. It is monitored every 90 days. Once the termites find the bait the chemical is placed in the station for the termite to take back to the colony. This option can be used if liquid treatment may not be an option.

Real Estate Inspections
Magnus Pest Management
provides realtors with quick and thorough inspections. We are able to do same day inspections if needed. We perform an unbiased inspection for all wood destroying insects including subterranean termites,  carpenter ants, carpenter bees, and re-infesting wood boring beetles. This inspection is reported on the NPMA-33 inspection form.

We inspect your property to ensure we provide the treatment plan that you need. We do not try to sell extra services that you do not need. All estimates are FREE.

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