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Unwanted animals can cause many problems for your home. Our company handles your animal removal safely.  Magnus Pest Management takes care of unwanted rodents, wild animals, and birds to provide you with a safer environment.

Rodent Control
Rodents are described as any mammal characterized by a pair of broad,sharp-edged, chisel-like incisor teeth that are firmly inserted in both jaws and are used in gnawing vegetation. Rodents have no canine teeth, and are also characterized by well-developed ears. Some rodents produce many litters of young each year. They are economically injurious, destroying crops and stored foods. Rodents such as the house mouse and the norway rat sometimes carry disease. The house mouse is a small slender rodent that has a slightly pointed nose, small, black protruding eyes,large scantily haired ears and a nearly hairless tail with obvious scale rings. Female mice may have 5 to 10 litters per year.    .

Magnus Pest Management utilizes bait stations, live traps, and rodent exclusion to help eliminate your rodent problem..

There are different types of ant problems that can occur. Magnus Pest Management technicians are able to identify and eliminate any type of ant problem.

Bird Control
Bird problems are not an uncommon occurrence. Magnus Pest Management gets calls every month concerning birds in vents or nesting around the house. Whether it's a pigeon, sparrow, starling, robin, or that famously annoying woodpecker. Magnus Pest Management is able to safely eliminate the bird from your location. 

Unlike most species of insects, you will see birds year round, although they are warm blooded vertebrates, which means they have a backbone. The bird is the fastest animal on earth, able to reach speeds well over 100 miles per hour. Magnus Pest Management technicians are able to safely eliminate your bird problem.


Raccoons are one of the easiest animals to catch. We use a wide variety of traps and baits.Raccoons are a neat animal but become a pest when they choose to live in an attic or someplace where they are unwanted. Magnus Pest Management will remove them quickly and relocate them so they are no longer a problem.


                              Bryant and Tyson before releasing this raccoon in a safe place.





Magnus Pest Management offers a customized approach to provide positive pest control results for each problem listed below. If you are experiencing a pest problem, contact us today and one of our customer service representatives will call with special pricing and arrange for a time to investigate your problem.


Problem Pests                          Fungus & Moisture Control                               Wildlife

Ants                                                      Dry Rot                                                Squirrels

Centipedes                                             White Rot                                            Skunks
Crickets                                                 All Fungi                                              Bats
Bees                                                      Ground Moisture                                   Possums, etc.
YellowJackets                                         Wood Rot                                            Ground Hogs
Earwig                                                    Brown Rot                                            Snakes
Fleas                                                      Poor Ventilation                                    Birds
Mice                                                                                                                  Moles

Millipedes                                            Wood Destroying Insects                       Raccoons

Mosquitos                                                Subterranean Termites
Rats                                                         Carpenter Bees
Silver Fish                                                Wood Borers, ect.
Roaches                                                   Carpenter Ants
Spiders                                                     Powder Post Beetles
Bed Bugs, etc.































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